Friday, 5 August 2016

Have I told you that I love you?

Funny that I don't remember the first time you said
that you loved me or the time that I told you.
In other relationships, it had been a thing,
who said it first and when.
With you it just didn't matter.
I didn't need the things I used to fish for;
I already had the catch.
I knew you loved me, didn't need the proof,
didn't need fancy words or presents,
just needed your presence.

I remember standing on my doorstep in the early days,
arms around each other, saying goodnight:
'I'm very fond of you Blacksmith Paul.'
'I'm very fond of you too, Beverley Writer.'

And I do remember the feeling,
spooned in your arms one night
with you holding me tight, saying,
'and I've told you that I love you?'
Smiling into my pillow as I said that you had
and your voice in my ear saying, 'good. Good.'
Funny though that I don't remember when.

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