Sunday, 23 October 2016

The turbulence of grief

The upping and downing,
the almost drowning,
the black and white,
the dark and light.

The ebbs and flows,
the round it goes.
The toss and turns,
the friction burns.

The holding tight,
the letting go,
the taking flight,
the going slow.

The sinking and swimming,
the ending, beginning.
The future, the past,
the nothing lasts.

The darkness dragging,
spirit flagging.
Gravity pulling,
the world dulling.

The waters swirling,
memories whirling,
time passing,
waves crashing.

The senses sharpening,
brightness startling,
the search for home,
the all alone.

The turning towards,
the turning away,
the leaving behind,
the wanting to stay.

The longing, the missing,
the searching, the wishing,
the dreams fading,
heart aching.

The fear of morning,
new days dawning,
the wanting to die,
the staying alive.

The almost sailing
then falling, failing,
faint hopes growing,
keeping going.