Friday, 10 March 2017

The best collaboration I ever had.

This time last year was the last time I spoke to Paul, by Messenger, the night before he died. I've told the story before. We had a chat about our respective days. Mine had included writing a poem about clouds in my writing group that day. I sent it to him and he replied by sending me a photograph of clouds that he'd taken and then he said his (almost) last ever words to me: I love the poem, I love clouds and I love you. And then we talked again about our need to collaborate on something involving his photographs and my writing. My blog has turned into that project. It's not the collaboration that we planned but I've done my best with what I have left of him. It's all I can do. So, here's my attempt to put together the poem and his photo. Remembering a wonderful man and a wonderful relationship: though it was woefully short, in many ways, it was the best collaboration I've ever had.

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