Thursday, 21 April 2016

Day 18 - A blessing to the grieving hearts

I see you standing there trying to look normal,
see the grieving heart that you hold
like a rock or a marble,
a bleeding tree or a sodden sponge.
Don't hide it.
It tells me of your love.
It is beating still and it is keeping you alive.

Cradle it like a tender creature in the rock pool of your soul.
Feed it with memories and tell stories about where it has been,
the way it has been battered and torn, the beauty it has seen.
Sing it soothing songs at night-time when you can
so that it can sleep in peace.

And, when it comes, this thing called grief
and threatens to overpower you with its force
I wish you a soft patch of grass to lie on
where the pain can wash over you like waves
and the sun can warm your shivering skin.

When you want to be cocooned in it,
I hope the past may be a soft blanket around you
hugging you close and keeping you safe.
And when you're ready to emerge,
let there be a hand reaching out to take yours,
saying, 'yes, you can go on'.

And one day, may the seeping colours of your love,
make patterns on your wings,
and may your memories be the breeze that lifts you,
may you be able to carry your heart lightly in your breast
as you take flight again, transformed by grief
but fully alive.

Without love there would be no pain,
without pain, there would be no love,
without love there would be no life.
May you find a way to feel the pain,
to hold onto the love
and to keep living.