Wednesday, 18 May 2016

This is how you loved me

Like an archaeologist excavating the lost city of his dreams,
an artist gazing on his Mona Lisa,
an engineer fascinated by the workings of my mind,
a musician who heard the sweetest song in my words.
Like the reader of a book he couldn't put down,
a pirate who had found the x that marked the spot.
Like the sun whose job it was to warm my earth,
the magnetic south to my magnetic north.

Without your love I feel like:

clumps of scattered mud,
a painting hung in an empty room,
a scrapyard full of rusty cogs, 
tumbling words falling from a cliff,
a book whose pages have been torn out,
a hole in the sand where the treasure once lay,
the dark side of the cold moon,
just a pole, alone, all at sea.

I didn't just lose the man I loved,
I lost the man who loved me.

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